What’s the average day rate for a domestic electrician?

All these rates depend on the areas of the UK you live in. This is an estimate for Gloucestershire.

Please take into account adding VAT or not depending upon the company.

I would always recommend a small – medium size company. Why? Because large companies have payroll staff, head office costs and use newly qualified tradesmen to ensure higher profit margins.

What's the average day rate for a domestic electrician?

Day Rate: £200 – £250 per day
This is very good if you have worked with the electrician before and he has done a professional job. It prevents adding additional labour costs for unforeseen circumstances.

Commercial Electrician Day Rate: £200 – £250 per day
I would always be aware that this electrician, although qualified will be very experienced with commercial installations not domestic ones. So testing and regulations to adhere to may not be their strong point.

Sub Contracted Work Rate: £200 – £250 per day
I would always be wary of employing an electrician who then subs the work out to another electrical company. I’d ask myself the first company must be making profit to sub the work out. Also the electrician you hired is not completing the work and maybe a lesser standard electrician is.

Quote for the job: ? depending on the job
This option you have to take into account unforeseen circumstances. So a quote is rounded up with additional cost to preempt problems and more labour required. Although it is very good to know where you stand and have a written quotation that completely outlines everything in detail, please make sure you read and ensure it covers everything you require.

Hourly Rate: £18 – £28 per hour
This is basically your day rate broken down into an hourly rate. I would recommend you discuss breaks openly so both parties know where they stand. I expect this to be shorter than a day so maybe no breaks are needed.

Important Factors for choosing an electrician
• Knowledge
• Confidence
• Politeness
• Professionalism
If you get these factors right, you are half way to getting the job. The other part is turning up on time.

Other Considerations
• Location from the electrician to the job will influence the price
• Parking
• Travel costs
• Signing the work off with accredited certificate – very important to show the electricians competence
• Get an apprentice working with the electrician because this speeds up the job costing more but gets it completed faster, which works out as more cost effective as they cost less per hour or day

A very good saying is “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”
But be aware of what is acceptable and what is expensive. Get multiple quotes that are the same.

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