What to do if you believe someone has had, or is getting an electric shock?
1st May 2020
Full & Part Rewires, Extensions & Alterations in Gloucestershire
1st July 2020

What do I need an electrician for in Gloucestershire?

Some electrical projects look deceptively simple to complete yourself. Perhaps it is the fact that some do-it-yourself shows employ copious time-lapse footage that persuades homeowners in Gloucestershire to give it a try themselves

You may have corrected any structural and roof issues or sorted the plumbing, but think how old your house is, and what about all the hidden electrical cables you can’t see.

• Is it safe and compliant?
• How old the electrics are?
• When was the electrics last checked?

You wouldn’t drive a car with your family in that was unsafe and not maintained or with no MOT. Well your house is no different and just because some of it is out of sight does not make it safe or compliant

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Remember, what was considered acceptable years ago might very well be considered serious and unsafe wiring today. Also additional to the electrics over the years and maybe from previous owners could be dangerous.

What do I need an electrician for in Gloucestershire?

At Livewire Electrical we undertake all aspects of electrical work including minor alterations and additions to the existing electrical installation, or installation of a new circuit.

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