Lower your electricity bills this winter

Lower your electricity bills this winter

Thinking about the rising heat bills is stressful. But don’t panic just yet: there are plenty of simple actions that can result in major savings! If you follow the 6 tips below, you will likely see a positive change to your energy bill.

Use natural light when you can
Since days are shorter in the wintertime, there are fewer daylight hours. Instead of turning on all the lights for the entire day, take advantage of sunlight if you’re at home. It’s free! Plus, opening the curtains and blinds not only provides light, but the passive solar heat given off by the sun warms up the room. If you close the doors to each room, you can trap the heat even better.

Properly insulate your home
A great deal of heat is lost through inadequately insulated attics, unsealed windows and doors. While a professional can help you get your attic insulated, there are many DIY options for sealing drafty windows. At almost any hardware store you’ll find self-adhesive weather stripping and window insulator kits that come with clear plastic material to seal edges. Place fabric draft stoppers at the foot of any door that leads outside to block drafts even better.

Lower your thermostat when possible
Dialing the thermostat back a few degrees when you’re asleep or at work can help you keep energy costs down. You don’t need the house to be toasty when no one is home, and you can always add an extra blanket to your bed at night.

Unplug what you’re not using
You may hear this tip a lot, but that’s because it’s tried and true. Even when you turn off electronics and appliances, they still pull energy from the wall when they’re plugged in. These tiny doses add up. Take the extra moment to unplug and save big.

Decorate wisely
If holiday lights are a tradition in your family, there’s no need to forgo them all together in order to save money. But by switching to LED holiday lights, you can reduce your energy usage up to 80 to 90%. Another tip: set a limit on lights. For instance, they don’t need to be turned on during the day when no one can see them and probably don’t need to be shining past 10:30 pm on weekdays.

Wear layers
If you insist on walking around in shorts and a t-shirt all winter when you’re indoors, you’re going to need to really crank the heat up which means high bills. Opt for wearing socks and a sweatshirt and grab a blanket if you’re still chilly.

Now that you’re prepped for a cozy but low-cost winter, relax and enjoy the season!

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