Why bother with an intruder alarm?

When it comes to intruder alarms, they are usually considered a worthwhile investment for the protection of your possessions, home or business.

There are numerous studies that reveal that you are far less likely to become a victim of a burglary if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained burglar alarm.

There are a variety of alarms for you to consider and their fitting is a complex subject.
All installations should meet the requirements of the British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131.

Why bother with an intruder alarm?

Types of burglar alarm systems

The best type of alarm for your home depends on your
• Personal preferences
• Budget
• What the layout is like
• What level of protection you need

Livewire Electrical will design and tailor make a FREE quotation to suit your specific needs and present you with the options available.

There are several types of alarm systems:
• A Bells only system
• A Speech dialer system
• A Monitored system

A Bells only system, is exactly what is says, an alarm system that upon activation will cause the bell (sounder) to activate. You then rely on a neighbour to call you and or the Police should they hear the alarm. Once installed there are no ongoing charges.

A Speech dialer system is a device that automatically calls you or other nominated friends and family when the alarm is triggered. You then rely on friend or family member, to call you and or the Police. Once installed there are no ongoing charges.

A Monitored system has a digital communicator, Redcare or a Webway unit installed and when the alarm is activated, the system notifies an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who call the key holder. You pay an additional annual charge for the ARC to react to signals generated from your system; you will also need a maintenance contract in place whereby you would pay a company monthly or annually to take action or call the police if the alarm goes off.

Often your insurance company may have requirements for an alarm system you are having fitted. So check with them and inform your installer straight away when quoting.

If want peace of mind, you may also have an annual maintenance check to ensure the alarms is fault free and any back up batteries are changed.

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