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Please find below some of my recommendations as an electrician to customize your home electrics.

Install recessed ceiling PIR sensors to save on electricity and create a great user free touch – You can use this in cloakroom toilets, feature lights, cupboard lights, and garage lights.

Pop up sockets on the work surface or kitchen island – You can never have enough sockets and it’s a good way to free up space.

Install touch dimmer switch/ dimmers in the lounge and bedrooms to create ambient lighting – Don’t forget to make sure what the total wattage is on the switch so you get the correct wattage dimmer. Also ensure you have the available depth box to install the dimmer.

Hide all your unsightly switched fused spurs in the kitchen – This maybe required if you don’t have a space above the work surface due to the sink and hob locations. It also looks very nice and professional, with safe means for isolation, hidden in a cupboard and frees up space around the work surface.

Install a remote control light switch – Fancy controlling your lights from the comfort of your sofa. Or use this option to prevent damage installing 2 way switches.

Electric underfloor heating – If your giving your bathroom a makeover I would always recommend installing electric underfloor heating. Especially if you are getting natural stone tiles due to the very cold surface.

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