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Energy saving lighting is about reducing the wattage used in a light fitting while maintaining similar light output. For example, a standard halogen downlight uses 55 watts, but you can purchase LED alternatives ranging from 4.5 watts to 14 watts thus saving you money on your electricity bill.

Wattage equivalents between an LED and halogen lamp

Halogen         LED

25w                 3w

50w                 5w

60w                 7w


Lumen is the standard unit for measuring the amount of light produced by a light source.  It is equal to the amount of light hitting one square foot of surface one foot away from the light. Essentially, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

Beam angle

The beam angle is something you need to pay attention to when choosing the right LED lighting for the space. This is as important as the lumens beam angle indicates the spread of light from the light source. A narrow beam gives a concentrated light, which is better for accent lighting. A wide beam gives a more general, softer light.      

Warm white and cool white

The colour of a product is a linear scale of measuring the colour of light. Measured in degrees, kelvin warm light is measured in lower numbers and cool white in higher numbers. It is down to personal preference whether you choose warm white or cool white.

Cool white is ideal for task-orientated areas like kitchens and laundries and areas that have a warmer climate, as the lighting will help to make the rooms feel cooler. I also like to use cool white in bathrooms because I feel it’s a clean and clinical environment.

Warm white helps to create a more intimate atmosphere suited to bedrooms and living rooms and these colour temperatures create a more relaxing and comfortable environment.

A tip is to stick to just one colour throughout an open plan living area, otherwise the mixing of colours will be distracting to the eye.

The Positives

  • No maintenance
  • No lamp replacements and expense and time of purchasing and changing it
  • The fitting looks better
  • No potential burning issues
  • Cheaper electricity bills for the same brightness if not better that pays for itself and more in the long run

The Negatives Cost more to purchase in the beginning

  • Eventually when they do go, the fitting will need to be replaced – this is much longer than normal downlights and even just downlights with LED lamps in them.

I recommend buying good brand fixed LED downlights – you get what you pay for!

  • Collingwood H2 Pros
  • Robus
  • Aurora
  • JCC
  • Enlite

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