Eliminating the tangled mess behind your TV

Behind your TV is often neglected. With all the home entertainment options like DVD players, Blu-Ray players, media players, consoles, surround sound speakers, sky box, wiring is an important project that can make the finished product look like it is worth all of the money that you spent on it.

Depending on how badly you want your cables to be hidden, this can be as simple or as extensive of a process that you make it. One thing is certain; your entire setup will look much cleaner and more professional once you are done.

Organising Cables

The first step to eliminating visible wires in your entertainment system is to organise them. If you have a fairly basic setup, a bit of good housekeeping could be all that you need. Use cable ties and other cord organisers to bundle your cables together. You can then run each bundle of cables behind your components, table legs or other obstructions so that they are less visible

Eliminating the tangled mess behind your TV

Wall Mounting Smart TVs

Livewire Electrical can wall mount smart TV’s and install hard-wired Internet, HDMI cables, TV aerial, power points behind the TV. If you have decided to hide all of your cables behind a wall, you will be left with a very minimal, and aesthetically pleasing setup. When done properly, a wall-mounted television is all you need out in the open. If you are not familiar with how to do this, work with a professional electrician to run the proper wiring so that you don’t end up damaging your valuable electrical components.

Regardless of your desired setup, eliminating the clutter of unsightly wires can make the entire room seem less messy and more functional.

Which method of home entertainment wiring would you choose – Organised chaos or totally hidden and wall mounted?

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