Electrical MOT on your Property

Do you need an electrical health check on your home or business?

Have you just moved in?

Do you know what condition your electrics are in?

Electrical MOT on your Property by Livewire Electrical Design & Installation Ltd

‘Electrical MOT Your Property’

This is an electrical inspection of your electrics, which acts as an ‘Electrical MOT for the property’ and will reveal any potential hazards in the installation and identify faulty DIY electrical work?

You will then receive a report from us, which details the overall condition of all the electrics that have been visually and compressively inspected. It will point out any work, minor or vital that might need to be carried out to comply with Building / Electrical Regulations.

It is advisable to employ an NICEIC electrician like Livewire Electrical to check the following:
• Main earthing size is adequate
• Tail size adequate
• RCD protection – if any
• Any potential dangers
• Earth conductors in the lighting circuits
• Any old cabling e.g. rubber cable
• Visual inspection inside you mains including breaker, cable and conductor sizes
• Main Gas & Water Bonding
• Faulty fittings recommendations
• Any potential renovation or improvement to your electrics

How much will this electrical health check cost? – £100

For a full (EICR) Electrical Installation Condition Report for comprehensive test and inspection of the properties electrics listing any failures – £150

If you would like any advice or to discuss your requirements on a face-to-face basis and design a FREE electrical quotation to suit your present and future needs contact us on the details below.

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